Prayer - Ask God to Make You A Giver This Christmas!

Be A Giver This Christmas!

As Christmas ramps up, and everyone is making a list and checking it twice, don't forget to simply ask God to make you a giver. A giver of something that money can't buy. Priceless gifts like your time instead of your treasure will go a long way during the Christmas holiday.

This prayer request to our Father doesn't have to be a long and formal one as many would think it should be. The prayer just needs to be sincere and straight from the heart. God knows your heart and knows when you are sincere. He loves to hear from you, especially when your prayer is for God to show you ways to give to others. Keep it a simple prayer:

Father in heaven. Make me a giver. A giver of time, talent, love, commitment, and peace.  Help me to reflect on your giving spirit each and every day.

He made you, He knows all about you so He knows exactly what your giving should look like. Take some time out of the hustle this year and give, give, give... from your God-given time, talent, and love for others.   

Be Blessed and
Be Bold in the Word of God!


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