Pastor / Clergy Appreciation Month Is Here!

October is Clergy / Pastor Appreciation Month!

 It’s almost here!! The second Sunday in October. You know... Clergy Appreciation Day!  So that would be October 13th for the year 2019. But not only is there a special day, but you also have Clergy / Pastor Appreciation Month for the month of October.  So y’all need to get busy right now. What a wonderful month to say…

 “thank you, Pastor for:

Your guidance, your leadership, and your patience.”

 “thank you, Pastor for:

Feeding our Spirits with messages from our Heavenly Father at least once per week.”

 “thank you, Pastor for:

  • Being there when we mourn
  • Being there when we wed
  • Being there when we need counseling
  • Being there when we are sick
  • Being there when we are in prison
  • Being there when we need emotional support
  • Being there when we need to be Baptized

 Shall I continue? You get it right?

Come on people of God it is time to show some love for your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, Clergy, or Priest AND PLEASE don’t forget their spouse and staff. 

 Great Gift Ideas for Pastors 

  1. Give A Public Thank You.

Submit a full-page ad in your local newspaper that features a photo and/or short story of your pastor and your church’s love and appreciation for him/her. 

  1. Give Him or Her A Vacation

Send your Pastor and Spouse away on a nice cruise or a nice vacation.  Allow the two of them to spend quality time with each other without any interruptions from the congregation. 

  1. Make A Video

Create a music video full of photos that feature a year of your Pastor in action.  Show him that you didn’t forget what he did this past year.

Get it together Children of God. October is just around the corner.


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