Pastor Appreciation Month Gift Ideas

We already know the importance of showing our love and appreciation for family and friends. But there is one friend we hope you never overlook when it comes to gift-giving -- your pastor.  Pastors are there when no one else can be found. They are often with us during our weakest moments and our most joyous occasions. They guide, lead, build-up and provide us with weekly and sometimes daily reminders of how we should live as a Christ-follower. Being that go-to person for such important matters is no easy task.

We hope you take time out of your busy schedule during the month of October and say, "thank you." Either with a gift or without, they truly need to hear it from you.

Support and show love to your pastor during Pastor Appreciation month or anytime with gifts made especially for them. We have created some casual yet thoughtful gifts with our clergy in mind that we thought they just might appreciate.

Remember to always Be bold in the Word!


                              Pastor Roles Pillow        Pastor Tith the Full Armor of God Mug                                



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