Jesus Centered Christmas Activities With Nanna

If you are like me, you are super excited about Nanna's time during Christmas. I'm so excited that around my house we call it Nanna Christmas Day (Christmas Eve-Eve or December 23rd). For fun ways to keep Jesus as the top focus of your holiday this year, check out these popular birth of Jesus Christmas activities for you and your grandchildren. Keeping Jesus the reason for the season is not very difficult.

Bake and decorate cut out cookies of the nativity.  This is sure to be a super fun activity. You can purchase a 21 piece Nativity Scene Cookie Cutter and Icing Bake Set from Amazon.  Be sure to take lots of pictures or videos. You will want to compare their first decorations to this same activity in about three years. They will love to see how much their decorating skills improved from Christmas to Christmas.

Another favorite way to include Jesus during this special occasion is to have a family Bible story reading time. This is one I personally do every year with my grandkids. There is always a precious birth of Jesus storybook that comes out each year. I think this year I will have my 11-year-old grandchild read some parts of our book instead of Nanna reading the whole time. Listed below are a few Christmas Storybooks your grandchildren will love. These books can easily be purchased on Amazon.  

 Good News!
It's Christmas!

Jesus Calling:
The Story of Christmas
Twas the Evening
of Christmas
Good News! It's Christmas! Children's Christmas Storybook  Twas the Evening Of Christmas Children's Storybook


Catch a matinee. We take a trip to our nearest theater to see the most popular birth of Jesus related Christmas movie out that year. If there isn't one, we stay home, eat popcorn and candy and drink sodas as we watch one of our favorites from the past. These memories will stay with them forever. Trust me they will look forward to Nanna's discussions on the birth of Jesus after the movie. They will always have questions.

Drive and view Christmas lights as you listen to music with the true meaning of Christmas played in the background. Arrange the songs on a CD beforehand so that you include just the ones you want them to hear. No, this is not the time to rely on Pandora. As they get excited about the lights, allow the Christmas music to play softly in the background. What another great way to keep Jesus as the focus without even trying too hard. When I was a child those were always my favorite songs because I learned at an early age who Jesus is and how important He is to me. And to this day my favorite Christmas songs are not Rudolph, Jingle Bells or Frosty, they are indeed Christmas songs about Jesus.

Please share with me some of your favorite ways to include Jesus as the main event of your Christmas? I'd love to try them too.

Oh, I almost forgot... place the Nanna made Christmas CD in the oldest child's stocking for them to listen to later. Trust me they will bring it out and listen to it at least once or twice before next Christmas.


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